Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Wear This Season's Wedge!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


When it comes to wearing maxi dresses or skirt there are certain rules to go by. If your bottom is flowy, go for a silhouette fitting top. If you have a short frame, try adding a belt to your flowy maxi dress. If you're blessed with a tall frame, a sleek maxi dress is perfect to highlight your figure. A fitting maxi skirt and top accentuates every part of our body, and for some that is the goal at times! It sexy and bold! Just remember whatever frame you have, enjoy what the season brings and LOVE IT! Especially because this trend will fall perfect right into the next season when paired with a cute blazer and scarf; or a colored brimmed hat! Also,try pairing it with a vest and oxfords for a stylish and comfy look!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Jeans and button down shirt!

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Because its Summer, there's not so much layering we can do to spice up our wardrobe as we'd like. That is where statement shoes come in! These shoes amplifies our whole outfit! With one glance, expect daring eyes! You want your shoes to be the first accessory people notice! Step out in a rich variety of sexy silhouettes and divine details. These are some of my fav summer statement 


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Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer To Fall Trends

When a season is over, we assume a favorite trend of that season dies with it also. However, that's not quite the case! We have seen numerous trends that go seasons long but with a little added tweak. From our fav denim cutoffs, jersey tank dress, open toe' platforms, the beat-up denim vest and def lace tops. Below you can see how to recreate some of your favorite summer trends for the next season.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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With first dates we always question ourselves with what is "too much," "appropriate," or just "too simple." Below I've created a template of three first date looks. In each looks there's a simplicity with a touch of uniqueness. Notice the purple jewel dropped earrings paired with the jeans and tie shrug or the big gold cuff paired with the green maxi skirt and lace tank. You should never forget to highlight your creativity. After all, its a big part of your character. You always want to feel as good as you look or even better than you look!! Own It! and definitely Love It! Its you!Pin It

A First Date He Will Remember

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The Girl With Many Personalities

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Obsession Of The Week!!

Art has inspired me for as long as fashion has. It creates another outlet or way that i can express my  creativity!. Its like a personal diary; a collaborative space that hold its own story within many stories. It can be deceitful, charming, captivating and much more. It can reach so far and touch so many. While doing my daily browsing, I stumbled upon the amazing story by Caroline Andrieu. "A graduate of the Atelier de Sèvres and EPSAA, Caroline Andrieu is the art director of Condé Nast digital's department for its Vogue & GQ websites. Caroline, fascinated by drawing and realistic outlines, has contributed to magazine such as Vanidad and SoChic, designs for the young Gat Rimon brand and regularly contributes to Diesel Fragrance Factory website. When she's not drawing, she can be found  round the streets of Paris on her fixed-gear bicycle or on a plane home to Slovakia to see her family and a slice of scrumptious poppy seed cake !" Bio via IndiesArt.Com

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Some people are more daring than others when it comes to applying makeup, but what the uninspired should know is that no matter what shade you are, you can love colors too. You gain more by experimenting than not trying at all! For the perfect summer glitz up try brands such as Collistar, MAC, Artdeco, Kiko,Shiseido, Maybelline and Dior . " The Perfect Coral" " Why Red Rules" " Love In Purples""Pink Party"
Be inspired. 
Citrus hues are a definite way to kick up any look!

A Color Addiction!

I want to try them all!

The Perfect Shade!
Lip Colors To Die For!

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