Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lazy Days

Finally my Thanksgiving  break is officially over! I have been in a lazy rut the past couple weeks-yes, call me guilty. I've neglected a few to-do's and instead thought it was best to put them on hold.  So now I am definitely feeling the repercussions . One of the things I learn every Thanksgiving is to have a wardrobe strategy for several days after. If you are one of those who are questioning the reason for this, then that means you are still struggling with the laws of Thanksgiving. After stuffing that plate with everything on the menu, don't be surprised if those skinny jeans don't fit like they use to. Nevertheless, there are plenty of us in that category and yes-I am one. I know I'm not always into "dressing up" to stay stylish which is why I created a set, designed with an oversized-sweater and sweatpants. Two pieces you can get away with and make it stylish. Afterall, its still post-thanksgiving and we're trying to hide those bulges :) but lets do it in style haha.

Lazy Days

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State of Mind

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cool Girl Set-Up

For a cool-girl set up try centering your outfit around one staple piece. In this case, mine was the Bomber Jacket. This then led me to the Metallic-sleeve teeLight-wash boyfriend jeans, and some Purple suede pumps which is perfect for this season. I chose the Metallic braided clutch to accessorize and also be a statement piece. How would you accessorize the ensemble and make it your own?-by adding a chunky statement necklace, swapping the glitter tee for a more graphic one or wearing your fav fall dark lip? Its all up to you! 

Cool Girl Set-Up

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


One of the reasons 2012 boot season is so spectacular. This has to be one of the most vibrant textures created. The return of the pointy toe-but with a twist. 3.1 PHILLIP LIM created a crackle metallic masterpiece. The white block heel compliments the yellow gold oh so well. This is one shoe i will never forget. If I could splurge on these babies, I definitely would. Just to say i rocked a metallic yellow-gold crackle ankle boots with a white chunky heel. I know its a long description, but it boasts a lot of greatness. This shoe, hands down is one of 2012's most iconic shoes!


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Monday, November 12, 2012

Solestruck- "The Underworld Kingdom," Vintage 2012


                                                                   Courtesy of Solestruck

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White on White

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Friday, November 9, 2012

M.I.A. Collabs With Versace

Another super-stylish pop star is collaborating with Donatella! During a lecture at the modern art museum P.S.1, an audience inadvertenlty got a glance at M.I.A.'s desktop filled with folders titled "Versace Prints," "Bootleg Versace," and "Versace Outlines. She later confirmed to Spring that there is something in the works. Given M.I.A.'s fashion background and personal style, this is one collab that won't disappoint. Even though the nature of the project is still unknown, her folder titles hint that she'll have a creative role in the process. (Grazia )

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Five ways to strike in the seasonal white shade. To get a jump start on the winter white wardrobe, here are some essential pieces for mastering that look. 


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The Evening Clutch

Elegant and chic with a dash of edge, it boasts white suede and crystal detailing, which is guaranteed to spruce up your winter wardrobe. Its no other than Brian Atwood's Octavia Clutch


Brian Atwood "OCTAVIA" Clutch


Diamante Silver Box Clutch

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Buys That Matter

Your 20's is all about self-discovery and finding your niche. It also means developing your own sense of style. Are you a girly-girl or a hard-ass? A free spirit or a party goer? Settling into your life requires finding those items that are transferable through seasons and won't let you down. First your statement bag, quality jeans and a necklace you can wear every single day. Investing in these three things will do you no wrong in my opinion, after all you're allowed to treat yourself a few times in your life. Splurge on a pair of quality denim that compliments your tush, trust me its totally worth it. Also, a statement bag that you can take anywhere and on any occasion. Lastly, a staple jewelry that you can wear everyday if you want, that wont turn your skin green of course. These three items will make getting dressed a lot simpler in most cases.

Investor Relations

1. Satchel2. Guiseppe Zanotti Collar Necklace3. Denimology    

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Knit Pick

For that evening soiree, its totally cool to wear a sweater. As long as its in a bright-poppy color. Pair it with floral cropped trousers and lots of accessories. No too much that is can possibly blind your guests but just enough to compliment that pop-bright colored sweater. And there you have it, one way to wear your oversized and bright sweater so its cozy enough for your liking.

Oversize Sweater 1

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"Do or Die"

 I had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer Errol Dunlap on an impromptu shoot in Bed-stuy, Brooklyn. On a cool Sunday afternoon, in a local park while the elders play chess and the families walk by, it was the perfect November scenery. Model Ayumi did an awesome job portraying what we needed from her. Be on the lookout for more photos coming your way!

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November, November

 November, November, this global warming got you you feeling like cold December! As the city is recovering from Sandy, there are some hopefuls who would like to think everything is back to normal already; (coughs*) myself. So I decided to board the train and head to the staple center for attraction in N.Y.C, Times Square. Little did I know, I would be able to count the number of pedestrians including myself with both hands.  It was shocking, not to mention, the lack of yellow cabs. It was simply ghost town. I could jog in the street and be of no distraction to any passing car, which I tried by the way :) I decided to end my short and unfulfilled trip after grabbing a bite.
P.S. Get well soon N.Y.C.

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Friday, November 2, 2012


With my love and obsession of fur, I've created a beautiful fantasy I wish I owned. Hands down, FUR is the global trend to follow for Winter 2013. Some types are furry or woolly, others are glossed or patented, or even distressed. From shearling to broadtail to leather-fur combos, the choices are quite endless. I call this my inspiration board or go-to for Winter 2013. Here's my "Fur Inspirations" have at it!
Xx Kim

                                                                  Courtesy: StyleSaintPin It
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