Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lazy Days

Finally my Thanksgiving  break is officially over! I have been in a lazy rut the past couple weeks-yes, call me guilty. I've neglected a few to-do's and instead thought it was best to put them on hold.  So now I am definitely feeling the repercussions . One of the things I learn every Thanksgiving is to have a wardrobe strategy for several days after. If you are one of those who are questioning the reason for this, then that means you are still struggling with the laws of Thanksgiving. After stuffing that plate with everything on the menu, don't be surprised if those skinny jeans don't fit like they use to. Nevertheless, there are plenty of us in that category and yes-I am one. I know I'm not always into "dressing up" to stay stylish which is why I created a set, designed with an oversized-sweater and sweatpants. Two pieces you can get away with and make it stylish. Afterall, its still post-thanksgiving and we're trying to hide those bulges :) but lets do it in style haha.

Lazy Days

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