Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Buys That Matter

Your 20's is all about self-discovery and finding your niche. It also means developing your own sense of style. Are you a girly-girl or a hard-ass? A free spirit or a party goer? Settling into your life requires finding those items that are transferable through seasons and won't let you down. First your statement bag, quality jeans and a necklace you can wear every single day. Investing in these three things will do you no wrong in my opinion, after all you're allowed to treat yourself a few times in your life. Splurge on a pair of quality denim that compliments your tush, trust me its totally worth it. Also, a statement bag that you can take anywhere and on any occasion. Lastly, a staple jewelry that you can wear everyday if you want, that wont turn your skin green of course. These three items will make getting dressed a lot simpler in most cases.

Investor Relations

1. Satchel2. Guiseppe Zanotti Collar Necklace3. Denimology    

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