Friday, October 26, 2012

SugarLips x ThreadsxThings

When I first saw these pants over at SugarLips, I knew i had to have 'em. I was even more excited because  SugarLips was kind enough to gift me this awesome pants. With a mixture of tribal prints of blues, reds and white and a texture as soft as suede, these pants are beyond cool. They're lightweight and comfort is always a plus. They also had a thin creme velvet tuxedo stripe on both sides that added extra edge. This pants was definitely not shy on the details. Overall I was very pleased and I can say its one of the coolest pants I own :) Thanks again SugarLips Apparel.
Xx Kim

                                                             What I'm Wearing:
                                                     Head Scarf-Mattew Williamson
                                                            Jacket-Rachel Roy
                                                       Crop Sweater-Material Girl
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  1. this is really cute!!i love this boho look!i adore the turban!!

    1. Thx a lot, really appreciate it! Thx for being a ThreadsxThings reader as well!

  2. So cute, that's a major fit for you. You made it very personal, I love that. Nice blog btw.

    Follow back when you get a chance,
    Thanks :)

    -Stephanie from


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