Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Florals anyone?

We all know florals are trending this Spring, but how do one pull of the infamous 'floral pants.' A piece that raises a lot of  "How the heck am I suppose to pull this off?". Most importantly, its easy to take the playful route, after all; it's a clothing that resembles a garden :) My last thoughts, have fun with it, throw in a tank and a denim jacket or a bustier top and loose cardi and dont forget your Spring sandals!Florals anyone?

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  1. i really love the pants and the denim jacket.chic and awesome!!loove!!your posts are so colourful and your new follower here.can you please follow me too?xx

  2. Hi Doreen! Thanks alot, really appreciated.

    Very pleased to have you as a threadxthings reader!

    Xx Kim


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