Friday, April 13, 2012

Work Is Craft

Gold painted and all was the inspiration behind this look! Shining bright this Spring and not afraid to whip out that metallic sweater hanging in the closet. After all, there's not much time left to wear it in my opinion. While debating what I should wear to my internship only one thing was on my mind; comfort. If there's one thing I hate, its not feeling comfortable in an outfit. I thought.."sweater,jeans, neutrals." equals simple comfort! So there you have it, my top coat was definitely shining bright.

Not my sister's fav :)
You gotta have fun with it!
The mean face or not so mean :)
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  1. sweater is dope.

    1. Thx really appreciate it!

      Glad to have you as a threadsxthings reader:)

      Xx Kim


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